about us

 from big walls, exposed cliffs, run out protection, burly moves, and beta spraying spectators, a lot goes on in your mind before you even make your first move.

much of the challenge in climbing is mental so we've specially crafted chalk•ra to help develop your most important tool - your mind. 

our unique aromatherapy blended chalks can gently nurture your mind when you need it most.



chalk up • breathe in • transcend


packaged with love in toronto in compostable packaging





whatever mental blockage you have for your climbing, we've got a blend to assist with your mindgame. using the ancient wisdom of chakras, based on traditional healing method Ayurveda, we've based each of our blends to balance each area of focus to give your mind a boost





we've combined the science of nature to benefit both your mind and your physical pursuits. by adding custom aromatherapy blends to chalk, the scent will nurture your mind to unlock your climbing potential



location: we are based in Toronto, Canada. We do not currently have a retail outlet. If you are curious about samples or setting up a demo, please inquire with info@chalkraclimbing.com